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Product Name FG The Over-Fit Cashmere Coat ( BLACK ) [ Restocked ]
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This is The Overcoat based on FG’s collection coat this season. It is the most main product of this collection, and the fit and details are definitely different from ordinary coats.
It is a sophisticated coat on the luxury street with the most FG sensibility, and it goes well from street mood to high-end look. The design is really unique. It has a low gorge line and classic double-breast tailoring to convey an unrivaled sensibility. Among the collaboration products with ZEGNA, which are specialized in tailoring, it is a product that is more wearable and has a good sense of stability.
It is designed to make your shoulders look wide, making your shoulders look wide and your arms look appropriate. It is a product with many delicate points, not excessive, such as the unique collar shape and the design of the front out pocket.
Match it with a hoodie or ball cap to make your head look small. Especially, it is released for easy styling with street products, so you can wear it lightly by matching it with a hoodie or sweatshirt.
It’s a luxurious black color with a really soft texture. It is made of wool cashmere fabric containing 30% cashmere. It’s basic black, but the quality of the fabric is good, so you can feel that it’s not a common black. It’s soft and nice enough to be admired when you touch it. It’s a texture that can only be found in the highest-priced brands on the market, and you can feel a distinctly different touch.
For the black color, it was possible to manufacture with general fabric on the market. However, we produced it with imported fabric because we wanted to convey the solid and soft feeling of the high-end brand. In addition, it is a design that is faithful to luxury street, so it is good to wear it every season only when it is made of good fabric. So we used the best fabric.
It is a product that contains a much larger amount of fabric then regular fabric, and it is abundant and warm all over the body. Personally, it’s luxurious enough to feel that the fabric is better than the original product. It will be difficult to find such large clothes made of fabric with 30% cashmere. In particular, the recent increase in fabric prices has been enormous.
It is a product that has been modified several times with the best patterner in Korea, and I think you will be very satisfied if you try it on. It is a product that combines street mood and luxury properly and has an impressive futuristic tailoring.
The silhouette is gorgeous and if you actually wear it, you can feel a very different feeling from regular coats. It’s the best product you can create in a luxury street mood, and I recommend it with confidence.
It is made of thick double fabric, so it has very high warmth. It’s an optimized luxury street look product that feels trendy just by wearing it.
It’s hard to find a coat that goes well with both street and minimal look. I think this product can give the answer. It’s not just a general duffle coat, but the pattern is very unique. It’s a product that doesn’t have a line, so it’s flexible and soft, so it’s a great product to match with hoodies or sweatshirts.
If you style this product a little well, you can style it very sophisticated. In addition to the street mood, it is also good to match wide slacks with shirts or turtlenecks.
If you refer to the FG’s lookbook outfit and style it, you can complete an interesting styling. It’s a product with endless spectrum of styling. The style comes out just by wearing it without any special styling.
It is a product made by a company that manufactures the nation’s top-notch brand coats, not just mimicking the shape, but also with the best internal composition and making. I think the customers who were interested in this collection coat will be very satisfied. We will do our best to introduce great products so that you can purchase with trust.    


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Product Name FG The Over-Fit Cashmere Coat ( BLACK ) [ Restocked ]
Price USD $332.00
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